Abobatta is a Dr at (Citrus research Department), Horticulture Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, he is a member of Scientific Committee for Greenhouses Plantation (Agriculture Research Center), and he is a member of Scientific Team for National Campaign for Navel Orange improvement (Horticulture Research Institute), Abobatta is a supervisor of M. Sc. and Ph. D. Thesis in different branches of agricultural science. Abobatta published more than 18 books and research papers till now. Abobatta has been serving as an editorial board member in many journals like Acta Science Agriculture, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Science Publishing Group, International Journal of Research in Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy Practice Also, Abobatta member of Reviewer Committee of International Academy of Chemical, Civil & Environment Engineering (IACCEE) and many other journals all over the world, he is a member of Board of Environment Friends Society (H R I), and member of Scientific Society of Flowers and Ornamental Plants. He is a consultant of Nano application in the agricultural sector, Magnetizing treated water in agriculture, Biodynamic and Clean agriculture in the Arabian region, and also, he is one of Jojoba production experts in MENA region. Dr. Abobatta has been identified as an influential speaker for seminar, symposium, workshop, training, and classes. He is a consultant of Nano application in the agricultural sector and Magnetizing treated water in agriculture in the Arabian region. Abobatta is a coordinator for various international conferences and workshop since 2014 till now.