Isak Karabegovic is an Academician of Academy of Science and Arts Bosnia and Herzegovina and Full professor at University of Bihac. Author and coauthor of more the 35 books, over 120 scientific papers published in international journals, over 400 papers published in proceedings of international conferences. Editor and coeditor of significant number of conference proceedings. Member in editorial board of 24 international journals. He received doctoral degree from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sarajevo in 1989, his Master of Science degree from Faculty of Mechanical engineering and naval architecture Zagreb, University of Zagreb in 1982, and bachelor degree of mechanical engineering from Faculty of Mechanical engineering Sarajevo, University of Sarajevo in 1978. He was Dean of Technical faculty in several occasions and also rector of University of Bihac in several occasions. His research interest includes domains of Mechanics and Robotics. He is a general secretary of Society for Robotics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.