Prof. Erwin Sniedzins has patented the Knowledge Generator™ (KG), a Machine Learning, MicroSelf-Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Personalize ‘Gamification’ of ANY digitized textual content application in DYNAMIC real-time. The KG technology enables people to Turn Data into your Knowledge (DyK) 32% better and easier with more confidence and fun. No teacher or course designer is required. Each employee’s word is validated and monetized against an employer’s job description needs and employee's knowledge. Erwin is the President of Mount Knowledge Inc. The company is a global leader in ML, AI, personalize gamification of any textual data and microSelf-Learning and testing. Erwin has authored and published 12 books, Keynote speaker, Professor at Hebei University, China and Mt. Everest expedition leader and traveller to 108 countries