He began in 1954 to study at Taganrog Radio-technical University and graduated (Dept. of solid-state physics) in 1959. He served during his military service from 1959 to 1972 at the Ministry of Defense as the scientific adviser. Candidate of science(1966). He maintained (1971) the doctor's degree at Leningrad State University. From 1972 to 1985, he was the Head of the Theoretical Department in Russia Academy of Science. Since 1985 till present, he is the Head of Physical Department of Technical University MADI (Moscow Auto and Highway Construction Inst.) He is the author (or co-author) of numerous (over 200) published scientific articles, 4 books, school supplies. He obtained (with V.Boichenko), first, a very important scientific result: calculating (with accuracy more 0.3%) of the electrical electron charge and of the fine structure constant -1/137. He published (2005) in the USA and Russia (together with Prof. Yu.Ryabov and V.Boichenko) the book named Unitary Quantum Theory and New Source of Energy. The second edition see: Together with Ryabov he calculated the mass spectrum of elementary particles and mass bozon Higgs - 131.7 GeV. Professor L.Sapogin - academic of Russian Academy of Natural Science and World Academy of Complex Safety. He was honored with 7 medals and Orders. In addition to his interests in science and classical music, Professor L.Sapogin has an interest in mountaineering. During 1956-1996, he had more than 200 ascensions in Caucasus, Tyan-Schan, Pamir, and Alps. His biography is included in collection books of Whos Who in the World (2006), of International Biographic Centre, Cambridge (2009) and of American Biographical Institute(2009)