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I really enjoyed the conference and the city as well, and also appreciate your organization for such a wonderful event that provided an excellent opportunity for exchanging ideas and promoting collaborations.
- Dental & Oral Diseases-2016
Dr. Jake Chen
Tufts School of Dental Medicine, USA
Thank you for organizing this program. It was very helpful.

- Dental & Oral Diseases-2016
Dr. N. Eren ISMAN
Head of Department of Orthodontics
Gaziantep University, Turkey
I have been with my company for a decade, attended too many of these types of meetings to count, but can tell you that by far, this is the best venue.

- Dental & Oral Diseases-2016
Bybo Dental Group, China
I would like thank for great opportunity to be with you in these days of Congress. It was very enriching Themes that made us and will continue leading us reflexes. I hope to attend and collaborate in the next.
- Dental & Oral Diseases-2016
Dr. Geraldo Batista de Melo
Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil
The conference was well organized. I really enjoyed the experience and talks, as well as the discussions with the participants.

- Nanotech-2016
I found some of the lectures of Nanotech 2016 very interesting. I enjoyed very much to be at the conference, to be able to listen to interesting lectures and to meet many colleagues. You people certainly have done a excellent job to organize the conference.
- Nanotech-2016
Prof. Heinz Hoffmann
University of Bayreuth, Germany
The conference was great and so successful under your making big effort.

- Nanotech-2016
Thanks to all of you for your hard work organizing the Nanotech-2016 in Dubai. I have my full appreciation

- Nanotech-2016
Many thanks. The congress was well organized and well run.

- Nanotech-2016
Prof. Victor M Starov
Loughborough University, UK
The presenters gave good quality talks and there was a very nice international mix with people from industry and academia

- Nanotech-2016
It was a special Conference as we had important contacts for future collaborations. Hopefully, it was not for the last time when we will collaborate
- Nanotech-2016
I thank you for inviting me to Nanotech 2016. It was organized nicely. You guys worked very hard to make it a success.
- Nanotech-2016
Dr. Devendraprakash Gautam
University College Cork, Ireland
It was nice well organized program

- Nanotech-2016
Dr. Getahun Merga
Andrews University, USA
It was of great pleasure to meet your team and our colleagues from different places in the world to share experiences ,knowledge and establish professional relationship with others. The conference which was held in Dubai was well organized in selecting speakers and topics; went smoothly with successful outcomes.
- Nursing & Healthcare-2016
My thanks to the organising committee for arranging this interesting programme. This was a great opportunity to network with other nursing colleagues throughout the world.
- Nursing & Healthcare-2016
You are most welcomed. It was my pleasure to be one of the speakers in the conference and meeting all of those valuable speakers. The conference was very informative which benefited all of the attendees.
- Nursing & Healthcare-2016
I was very glad and thankful to the organizer that I had the opportunity to take part in this significant scientific event. The participants were from around the world and they presented their achievements in the field of food technology, probiotics, nutrition and health, which are related to one another and are of particular interest today for the well-being of the both humans and domestic animals.
- Food Technology 2018
Food Technology and Probiotics topics were addressed by several speakers whose research plans are geared towards this goal.
- Food Technology 2018
The conference was fine circle of participants. I took new knowledge and 2 days is a good duration, not to long but long enough to focus on important topics.
- Food Technology 2018
It lasted in peace which is good. Some subjects were attractive. I listened and learned new things.
- Food Technology 2018
Everything went very smoothly and I enjoyed it a lot! It was well organised and very informative. Was a real pleasure to me to participate!
- Food Technology 2018
The scientific program and sessions of the conference were very good and it was an occasion for scientific collaboration among delegates from different countries
we thank you very much for the excellent organization of the conference and hope to meet in the near future.
- Occupational Health and Safety-2018
Gaafar Mohamed Abdel-Rasoul Hasan
Menoufia University, Egypt
The Conference was well organized and the talks were very interesting
- Applied Science-2018
Nor MuzlifahMahyuddin
University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
The conference was perfectly organized and lectures of high level from respected scientists.
- Obesity-2018
The conference was nice. Thanks a lot!
- Condensed Matter physics-2018