Wolfgang Hohn. Textile chemist and finishing engineer, senior consultant, owner of HOEHN TEXTIL ENGINEERING, Germany. He was born in 1964 in Kulmbach, Bavaria, Germany, and has studied “Textile Chemistry and Finishing” at the University of Applied Sciences, Coburg, Germany with the degree “magna cum laude”, graduation 08.1990. From 08.1990 – 02.2018, he was engaged in leading positions of development and application of textile auxiliaries and wastewater treatment at prestigious textile auxiliary manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland. Since March 2018 Wolfgang Höhn he is independent and founded his own company “Hoehn Textile Engineering”, Germany, providing chemical/technical/ecological senior consultancy for the textile industry and associated segments worldwide For the time being, he has got approx. 30 partners amongst the textile auxiliary suppliers and companies providing effluent treatment equipment. He is in touch with a major percentage of textile companies in Central, Western, Northern, and Eastern Europe and in Mauritius Furthermore, he is consulting with his textile chemical and wastewater treatment expertise at the textile chemistry institute of university RWTH Aachen, Germany.