Dr. L. Hes worked 16 years in the Textile machinery institute in Liberec, Czech Republic as a Chief designer of yarn texturizing and finishing machines. Later, after gaining a Ph.D. in Yarn Texturizing Technology he entered the Czech University of Liberec, Faculty of Textile Engineering where he still teaches Clothing comfort and Heat and mass transfer in textiles and conducts 3 Ph.D. students. In 1993 he defended a DSc degree in Clothing comfort. He was appointed full prof. in 1999. His research interests also include Technical textiles and the Design of textile testing instruments. At the Faculty of Textiles of the TUL he became Head of Dept. of Nonwovens and later Head Dept. of Textile Marketing and in the meantime also served 8 years at the Minho Univ. in Portugal as the Invited Professor. He also worked 9 months in the Taiwan Textile Institute and 3 months in the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute of Textiles and Clothing. In 1990 he was on the UNIDO mission in India, to upgrade Design of textile machines in India. Dr. Hes has authored more than 150 peer-reviewed papers and delivered more than 270 communications at conferences. He developed and published original theories on Heat transfer to rotating yarns, on Hardness of Yarn packages, on Thermal efficiency of PCM textiles, and on Thermal comfort of textiles in the wet state. He is currently a member of editorial boards of 7 impacted international textile journals and serves as an examiner of Ph.D. theses in Germany, Portugal, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, and Australia. He also represents the Czech Republic in ISO committees on testing of fabric comfort. Dr. Hes was awarded 65 patents and his original non-destructive fast working instruments for testing of clothing comfort manufactured by his own company (150 pieces) are used in 22 countries. In Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, India, Pakistan, USA, Taiwan, and Australia, his instruments are used in many textile research institutes and schools. In 2010 he received the highest Manchester Textile Institute award – Honorary fellowship and later also the Innovation award from this international institute. In 2011 he was awarded the Honorary Doctorate from the Iasi univ. in Romania. In 2016 they received the Innovation price from the Czech government. For his lifelong contribution to textile science and technology and for his extensive UNIDO activities in the area of textile machinery in India he was in November 2019 (year of his 75 years anniversary) awarded by the second honorary doctorate by the National Institute of Technology in Northern India. In February 2021 he received his third honorary doctorate, this time from the Khmelnitskyi National University in Ukraine.