Abdel-Fattah Seyam established numerous research areas: Structural Mechanics of Woven Fabrics, Carding Dynamics, Needlepunching Process and Products, Direct Garment Manufacturing using Meltblowing and Robotic Technologies, Smart Electrotextile Structures, Computer Simulation and Formation of Nonwovens using Electrostatic Field (electrospinning and flocking), Formation of Nanofibers, Applications of MEMS in Textiles, Static Generation/Dissipation on Polymeric and Textiles’ Surfaces, Modeling of the Hydroentanglement Process, Fiber Reinforced Composites from High Performance Fibers and Sustainable Biodegradable Natural Fibers and Resins, Protection of High Performance Fibers from UV, Jacquard Fabrics on Demand, Seamless Shaped Garments and Medical Textiles, Laminates for Airships, Non-stop Tying-in Process, and Formation and Structure of 3D Printed Fiber Reinforced Composites. The success of establishing this significant list of research areas is related to the effective leadership and academic coupled with industry experience of Dr. Seyam, recruiting excellent students, involving faculty and industry experts from several disciplines, and securing substantial research funds. Dr. Seyam has published numerous peer-reviewed journal and conference papers and presented extensively at international conferences, including keynote and invited talks. He authored two user-friendly computer software packages with extensive codes for manufacturing and engineering woven structures for the two of his former industry employers. He is co-inventor of six patents in the areas of cold weather systems, electrotextile structures, airship, and non-stop tying-in process.